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8th July 2019
to 9th July 2019


Mumbai, India

The World Bank Group, through the Global Index Insurance Facility (GIIF), helps smallholder farmers and microentrepreneurs gain better access to finance, manage financial losses, and protect their livelihoods against more frequent and more severe weather events. With an objective to develop effective and sustainable markets for agriculture insurance, GIIF, since 2009, has facilitated more than 4.6 million contracts, covering over 23 million beneficiaries and $730 million in agricultural investments insured in more than 30 developing countries.

However, the potential of agriculture and index-based insurance is greatly restricted by many challenges faced throughout the product lifecycle – from product design to client delivery to claim processing.

To leverage innovative solutions, GIIF is organising an agriculture Insuretech innovation challenge/competition as a part of an Insuretech fair, to be hosted in Mumbai, India in July 2019. Through this innovation fair, the GIIF aims at improving the understanding of Insuretech, supporting the integration of different technology solutions with agriculture insurance, and applying innovation with actual programs on the ground.

  1. Online Application Form: 20th April to 15th May
  2. Shortlisting by a panel of sector experts – 16st May to June
  3. Pitching to the challenge jury – late June/early July
  4. Present to leading sector stakeholders – late June/early July
  5. Announcement of winner – July
 Contact: Pavis Devahasadin at

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