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ANU Climate Change Institute presents


ANU Climate Update 2020


Public Seminar




12th February 2020
14.45 - 18.30


Manning Clark Hall, 1.04 Kambri Cultural Centre 153 University Avenue, The ANU





Australia’s climate is already becoming hotter, more extreme and uncertain, and it’s projected to become increasingly inhospitable and dangerous unless we take transformative, timely and positive action. For example, climate change has been a major factor in driving the unprecedented scale and severity of the 2019/20 bushfires.

Research shows that the majority of Australians believe that global warming is a serious and pressing problem. Despite this, as a society, we are not acting with the urgency required to limit global warming to 1.5°C or even 2°C. Nor are we preparing climate adaptation responses to the degree needed to manage the emerging risks.

ANU Climate Update 2020 will present an overview of how our climate is changing and how we can respond to these changes.

Part 1 will present a snapshot of the latest climate research, including the newly released data on how our climate has changed in 2019, and a focus on extreme events and heat stress.

Part 2 will discuss how we can communicate effectively about climate change, the role of different groups in driving the transition to a low carbon future and climate action at a community level.

The event will bring together climate researchers, students, policymakers, government agencies, industry, media and the community. There’ll be opportunities for audience questions after each session and plenty of informal discussions during the breaks.

If you’re interested in climate change, this is a great opportunity to get an understanding of the latest developments and societal responses.


2.15 pm onwards: Registrations

Part 1 State of the Climate, 2.45 – 4.40 pm

Chair: Professor Kate Auty, ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment

Global Climate Overview 2019: Professor Mark Howden, Director, ANU Climate Change Institute

Climate impacts: Extreme Events: Dr Robert Glasser, Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Climate impacts: Health: Dr Arnagretta Hunter, ANU College of Health and Medicine

Audience Q&A*

4.40 – 5.20 pm: Afternoon tea

Part 2 Transitioning to a low carbon future, 5.20 – 6.45 pm

Chair: Prof Michael Platow, Research School of Psychology, ANU

Communicating with psychologically complex creatures: Dr Bec Colvin, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU

The role of different publics in driving the transition: Assoc Prof Carolyn Hendriks, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU

Transition at a community level: Verity Morgan-Schmidt, Farmers for Climate Action

Audience Q&A*

6.45 – 7.30 pm: Drinks and light refreshments

Registrations via Eventbrite are essential. Please only register if you genuinely intend to attend.
Image: People evacuating at Batemans Bay from the NYE bushfires, 2019Credit: Kirsty Blake

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