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ANU Indonesia Project presents


ANU Indonesia Update 2022


16th September 2022


Hybrid event



Gender equality and diversity in Indonesia: identifying progress and challenges


Over the past 20 years, gender relations and the expression of power and authority between men and women in Indonesia have been shaped by the forces of reformasi, decentralisation, a reassertion of central power, and economic transitions. These changes have given rise to policy reform, an increase in women’s political representation, and new expressions of diverse gender identities.

But to what extent has the ‘gender order’ of the New Order, where women’s role as a mother was the basis of citizenship, been challenged or just found new articulations? What shape do contemporary contestations to gendered power take?

The ANU Indonesia Update 2022 will reflect on the 20 years since the last update on gender, bring to the centre stage gender relations in Indonesia, and present an overview of the political, economic, social, and cultural progress and barriers in achieving gender equality and diversity.

Registration details

Friday 16 September 2022 to Saturday 17 September 2022

In-person registration (including art exhibition and pre-order lunch)


The conference is free of charge. The conference program is available online.


This is a hybrid event. It will be held simultaneously online via Zoom and live in Canberra (in the Copland Lecture Theatre).

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, in-person attendees must adhere to ANU COVID-19 Safety Guidelines, including the wearing of a mask indoors and refraining from attending if unwell.

In-person side events

The Update will also include a cultural night, which features an exhibition by contemporary Indonesian women artists, dance and music performances.

Lunch will be available on Saturday 17 September. Pre-orders are essential, and can be made when registering for the conference. To register for the cultural night or pre-order your lunch, please do so via the in-person registration link above.


Indonesian sign language and simultaneous translation into Indonesian will be available via the Zoom feed only. Please see below to register for the Zoom feed.


Kate McLinton
P: +61 6125 3380

Image: Women’s March (Woodcut print on paper 60cm X 80cm), Fitri DK 2018

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