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ANU Crawford School of Public Policy

Art of the policy narrative

One-day short course


11th May 2017


ANU Crawford School of Public Policy



This workshop will help participants improve their skills in negotiating and crafting written policy, and learn the art of communicating policies persuasively and effectively.

Course overview

The workshop will utilise a series of practical exercises designed to enhance written and oral communication skills in writing policy ideas, concepts and issues succinctly, effectively and skillfully to key stakeholders.

This workshop will help participants gain practical insights into identifying the key messages of relevance and crafting an effective policy narrative for public consumption. In the process, participants will learn how to succinctly convey these messages in both oral and written forms. There will be individual and group exercises on developing written briefs and talking points and how to ensure this material ultimately supports the effective delivery of narrative discourse by spokespersons to the general public.

The day will be broken into two distinct halves: with the morning focused on developing and writing policy and associated material and the afternoon looking at effective examples of public policy promotion through artful narratives via the media or directly to the public. In an era when it is increasingly difficult to ‘sell’ a great idea or project, this workshop will provide participants with the tools and skills to help cultivate effective narratives and focused messages for public discourse.

Course convenor

Ms Kristen Connell

Kristen Connell is a communications skills trainer who focuses on building written communication skills, media management, and negotiations skills. Kristen holds a BA in Journalism and graduate qualifications in Business Management. She worked as a journalist for nearly seven years, including five years in the Press Gallery at Parliament House in Canberra. She has provided media advice to Federal and State politicians during two election campaigns.

In addition, Kristen has spent nearly a decade undertaking public relations, media management, strategic planning, workshop facilitation, lobbying, policy development and project management for high profile national organisations and government agencies.

Course date: 
9.30am–4.30pm 11 May 2017
Venue: #132 Crawford Building, Lennox Crossing, ANU
Cost: A$1,350 GST incl; Group discounts applicable

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