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ANU Learning Communities presents


Australia ablaze: what next?




24th March 2020
5.30 pm -7.00 pm


T2 Theatre, Kambri Precinct, ANU





In the wake of a tragic summer, bush fires have torn across over 11 million hectares of bush, farmland, national parks and residences. State governments have declared states of emergency and disaster, 33 people have lost their lives, 2,000 houses have been destroyed, and many native species are now at risk. It is important to ask what happens now?

Join us as we examine the long-term impacts of the Australian bushfires, through an expert panel addressing four key areas of impact: the economy, health, Climate Change and biodiversity, and Indigenous perspectives.

Economy: The losses to infrastructure, farming, tourism, and small businesses have been substantial, as is the cost of recovery. In addition, the political responses have been widely critiqued by the Australian public.

Health: Over summer Canberra donned the title of the worst air quality in the world. The impacts of the fires on physical health and the mental health repercussions of the trauma will be discussed.

Climate Change and biodiversity: Not only are the bushfires a result of climate change, but they create climate feedback loops and large environmental and ecological costs.

Indigenous perspectives: Indigenous communities have been deeply affected by the fires, but Indigenous traditional methods of land management provide opportunity for better fire management systems to be adopted.

The discussion panel will be interactive, with the opportunity for you, the audience to engage in real-time. We look forward to hearing your questions and perspectives, as the smoke clears and Australia searches for a way forward.

Drinks and light refreshment will follow from 7.00pm to 7.30pm.

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