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The ANU Crawford School of Public Policy presents


Australia and Africa: a new friend from the South?


Public Seminar by National Security College at Crawford School of Public Policy


5th September 2019
18.00-19.00 pm


Barton Theatre Level 1, JG Crawford Building 132, Lennox Crossing, The ANU


Dr Nikola Pijović



Has Australian foreign and security policy paid Africa the attention that it deserves? While many traditional donors and ‘new’ and emerging actors have invigorated and expanded their connections with African states since the turn of the millennium, Australia has largely failed to do the same.

In this seminar, Dr Nikola Pijović will examine Australia’s contemporary engagement with Africa. Discussion will centre on whether Australian politicians have been able to develop a shared rationale for engagement with Africa, and made the space needed for policymakers to assess the nation’s strategic and long-term interests on the African continent.

Dr Nikola Pijović is a Research Fellow at the Africa Research and Engagement Centre (AfREC), University of Western Australia.

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