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Mindmajix Technologies INC presents

Certified training course on artificial intelligence



29th November 2017


4608 Spalding, plano TX 75024, United States



Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”. Artificial Intelligence is a way of designing a computer, or a software that can understand the user and think intelligently, similarly as intelligent humans think. AI is achieved by studying the thinking process of human brains, how humans learn, decide, and work while searching for a solution. After learning the course we need to use the outcomes of this study in developing intelligent software and computers.

Who should do this course?

Anyone who has the knowledge of advanced mathematics or else everyone is treated as fresher. The knowledge of AI can make a sea change in his career are society.

The futuristic course on AI introduces the students about the basic knowledge representation, problem solving and learning methods of artificial intelligence. After completing this course, students will be able to develop intelligent systems by assembling solutions to concrete computational problems; understand the role of knowledge representation, problem solving, and learning the intelligent system of engineering and undertake the roles & responsibility of problem solving, vision and language in understanding human intelligence from a computer’s point of view.

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Image by geralt on Pixabay.

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