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ANU Crawford School of Public Policy presents


Corruption and anti-corruption in environmental and resource management


RE&D Research Seminar



12th December 2019


Brindabella Theatre, Level 2, #132 Crawford Building, Lennox Crossing, The ANU


Professor Luca Tacconi, Crawford School of Public Policy



Please join us for this upcoming research seminar, co-hosted by the Resources, Environment and Development group (RE&D) and the Transnational Research Institute on Corruption (TRIC).

Professor Luca Tacconi of RE&D will present the findings of a review on corruption and anticorruption in environmental management. This seminar will provide the first insight into this forthcoming research publication.

Corruption significantly affects the large majority of countries, and it has negative social and economic impacts. Its impacts on environmental and resource management (ERM) sectors are less well understood. The seminar discusses a review of corruption in the extractive industries, irrigation, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and conservation activities with a focus on the management of protected areas and the wildlife trade.

There is significant evidence that corruption in ERM sectors is systemic. Corruption in these sectors has significant negative environmental and economic impacts, which can be expected to result in negative social impacts. Many of the anti-corruption policies proposed for the ERM sectors draw on the principal-agent theory. The political science literature on corruption found that theory to have limited application when corruption is systemic and the principal is corrupt. The analysis of corruption and anti-corruption should draw on collective action theory to identify more effective policies. Some anti-corruption policies relevant to ERM sectors and future research needs will be discussed.

The seminar will be facilitated by Dr Grant Walton, Chair of TRIC.

Image: Acquistion from the US Department of the Interior website

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