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The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific presents


Land governance and the research-policy interface in the Asia-Pacific


Workshop by Asia Pacific Innovation Program, Crawford School and Coral Bell School


3rd September 2019
9.00am - 5.00pm


Miller Theatre, Level 1, #73, Old Canberra House, Lennox Crossing, The ANU





The IPCC’s recent report Climate Change and Land highlights the crucial role of land governance in addressing pressing global challenges such as climate change, and in promoting socially and environmentally sustainable development. Although there is a growing base of scholarly land research, less attention is being paid to how we can translate such knowledge to the policy sphere. This workshop aims to spark dialogue on strategies to deepen and strengthen this research-policy interface.

Drawing on recent experiences in the Pacific and in mainland Southeast Asia, including the recent Mekong Regional Land Governance (MRLG) Program, the workshop will explore how researchers and practitioners have attempted to impact land governance in very different political settings. Scholars and practitioners will collectively examine a series of critical questions related to the research-policy interface in the context of land governance:

• How do we define and assess policy impact?

• Acknowledging the very diverse political systems across the Asia-Pacific, what strategies of engagement are proving effective and what are the most profound challenges?

• How are programs such as MRLG and others dealing with uneven power structures?

• How does activism interact with land governance and policy decisions?

• Are there broader lessons for impact and engagement beyond the land sphere?

The workshop is open to scholars, policymakers and students with an interest in these topics. Please RSVP by 1 September 2019 for catering purposes.


Sango Mahanty, Crawford School of Public Policy, The ANU

Jean-Christophe Diepart, Mekong Regional Land Governance Program, Cambodia

Bawi-Tha Thawng, Mekong Regional Land Governance, Myanmar

Joseph Foukona, University of the South Pacific, Vanuatu

Logea Nao, National Research Institute, PNG

Panel moderators

Sarah Milne, Crawford School of Public Policy, The ANU

Katrin Travoullion, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, The ANU

The Workshop is supported by the College of Asia and the Pacific’s Asia Pacific Innovation Program, the Crawford School of Public Policy and the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs.

Photo: Sango Mahanty

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