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ANU Crawford School of Public Policy

Leadership, decision-making and risk policy

One-day short course


28th November 2017


#132, Crawford Building, Lennox Crossing, ANU


A $1,350

This course introduces new approaches to managing plural or systemic risks to enable more effective and timely decision-making.

With the right information on the right issues at the right time, strategic vulnerabilities can be protected against and opportunities leveraged. Consequently decision-making is earlier and more effective, and fewer and less severe risks will arise.

Course Overview

Risk management continues to have limitations in influencing leaders and managers in both a timely manner and in strategic and preventive terms. Risk Policy is a new discipline that sits before risks exist. Risk Policy seeks to protect against vulnerabilities and identify and realise consequential opportunities.

Paradigm change from organisation-centric to network-centric thinking is proposed to view the world in whole systems, internally and externally, interconnected in time and communication like never before. Information today resides in those networks which must be engaged with an information elicited, by formal protocol if necessary, to enable more effective and timely decision-making.

Many of today’s challenges have never been seen before and attach catastrophic consequences which are dismissed through low likelihood. Situations exist therefore when consequence must dominate the equation. Equally, managing a new category of ‘systemic risks’ will reduce the incidence of wicked problems occurring in society.

The afternoon session includes a presentation on the Psychology of Risk by Dr Gavriel Schneider AARPI.

Course Convenor

Mr Tony Charge

Tony Charge is an experienced senior and chief executive with a record of achievement through leadership, public policy, strategic management and governance. He developed the concept of Risk Policy and founded the Australian Risk Policy Institute which has expanded into a Global Risk Policy Network. Tony was formerly an Adjunct Associate Professor in Strategic Leadership, Risk, Public Policy, Public Administration, Human Resources and Qualitative Research. Tony is a thought leader in Mixed-Mode Analytics.

Course date: 9.30am–4.30pm 28 November 2017
Venue: #132, Crawford Building, Lennox Crossing, ANU
Cost: $1,350 GST incl; Group discounts applicable.

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