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The ANU Malaysia Institute presents

Malaysia’s upcoming 14th general elections

Panel discussion


7th May 2018


Room 1.04, Coombs Extension Building (8), Fellows Road, ANU



As Malaysians head to the 14th General Elections (GE14), the stakes have seldom been higher. The nature of the nation is now fiercely contested. While many Malaysians see this election season as another fraught debate over the core economic issues of the cost of living, inflation, and health and education infrastructure, there are also renewed fissures over the roles of religion and culture in determining Malaysia in the 21st century. All of these issues arise at a time of great uncertainty in the region, as China rises and the United States retreats. Our expert panel discusses how the campaign is playing out, what tactics and narratives are being deployed by each party, and what this tells us about where Malaysia is headed post-GE14.

ANU Malaysia Institute Speakers
Dr John Funston (Visiting Fellow, ANU Coral Bell School)
The voters: Trends in the politically dominant Malay heartlands
Dr Amrita Malhi (Visiting Fellow, ANU Coral Bell School)
The narratives: How China has become central to the election
Dr Ross Tapsell (Director, ANU Malaysia Institute)
The campaign: What are big data companies like Cambridge Analytica (and others) doing in Malaysia?
Discussant and Chair: Ms Diana Anuar, The Youth Vote.

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