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ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science presents

Managing the Machines: a year in review



31st August 2018


The Shine Dome, ANU



The Internet of Things, machine learning, advanced robotics, automated vehicles, and big data analytics — however you choose to paint the picture, the collection of technologies known as artificial intelligence is heralding the next industrial revolution.

Some of these tools are new, while some have been refined over preceding decades. However, we are now seeing their rapid convergence into cyber-physical systems that will have an unprecedented impact on humanity through deep economic, social and cultural shifts.

One year ago, Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell from the Australian National University founded the 3A Institute with the mission of creating a new applied science in an accelerated timeframe.

As a companion piece to her launch talk one year ago, Professor Bell will present a public lecture highlighting what has changed over the last 12 months and charting the 3A Institute’s progress towards its goals. She will announce an exciting new initiative and the 3A Institute’s new ambitious program for impact.

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