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The Australian National University presents


Mongolia Update 2019: cultural heritage and the economy


The ANU Mongolia Institute Conference


26th November 2019
-28th Novermber 2019 9am-5.00pm







The Mongolian Plateau has been experiencing rapid cultural and environmental changes through a fluctuating market economy and extensive extraction of resources, particularly in Mongolia. The economy has become heavily reliant on the mining industry, which is vulnerable to world commodity fluctuations. A herding way of life has become increasingly under pressure, particularly in relation to mining interests and extreme weather events as a result of climate change. Diversification of the Mongolian economy through maintaining active herding communities, particularly through expanding cultural and eco-tourism, have become an important issue for public discussion. The 2019 Mongolia Update will inform the public debate addressing social, economic and cultural changes happening across the Mongolian Plateau today with a particular focus on cultural heritage and economic development. The papers will discuss cultural heritage law and policies; the ways intangible and tangible cultural heritage can contribute to the Mongolian economy; as well as the social and physical well-being of Mongolian communities in the context of a global market.

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