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ANU Crawford School of Public Policy

Public sector leadership: enhancement

One-day  short course


19th May 2016


ANU Crawford School of Public Policy



This one day workshop builds on the skills of emerging leaders with a focus on further equipping participants with the practical skills to succeed. By attending this workshop participants will further build on their core interpersonal and organisational leadership skills to be able to lead and succeed in their roles.

Course overview


In this workshop the emphasis shifts from supporting leaders to build their own leadership skills and style, to engaging leaders to more strongly connect with their leadership impact and purpose as well as further developing capabilities to tackle some of the more challenging aspects of their leadership role. Participants will explore their key personal strengths and understand how they can continue and further apply these to their own development and performance. They will develop a much deeper understanding of the drivers and influences of their thinking, emotions and behaviours on their leadership and know how to more strongly connect their presenting self with their role and responsibilities.

As a fundamental expectation of all leaders is to manage and drive performance across different levels within an organisation a key focus of this workshop is to explore evidenced based strategies and approaches to motivate, engage and manage staff. Participants will learn a model for coaching their staff that not only improves performance and outcomes but builds the quality of their relationships and their own personal and organisational success. The workshop will also focus on how leaders can create a culture of sustainable performance ensuring high levels of engagement, wellbeing and resilience across their team.

A core part of the workshop will also focus on a range of workplace concerns and dynamics that are often difficult and complex for leaders and when not managed effectively can have negative impact on performance and culture. Strategies and skills on how to effectively manage performance issues, deal with interpersonal challenges and managing and resolving conflict will be explored. The critical role of leaders in helping others manage and proactively participate in a change process will also be addressed. Finally participants through individual reflection and group based discussion will focus and develop their own personal and work based action plan around how they will personally contribute to build and lead a high performing workplace culture. Key topics will include:

  • Understanding and capitalising on strengths
  • Coaching others for success
  • Wellbeing, engagement and positivity
  • Skills for effective performance management
  • Goal setting and managing expectations
  • Managing conflict and interpersonal issues
  • Leading and managing change
  • Building a high performance workplace culture

Course convenor


Professor Giles Hirst

Professor Giles Hirst is the Inaugural Chair of Leadership in the College of Business and Economics and an expert in the areas of leadership, innovation, and organisational networks. His current projects include building refugees confidence seeking and gaining meaningful employment. He has implemented leadership development programs with government partners such as DOT, and Parliament Victoria delivering significant enhancements in culture, leadership and performance. Working with EPA leadership from CEO to supervisor level he developed leaders capabilities that underpinned the organizations strategy of being a world leading environmental regulator. He has been awarded four Vice Chancellor awards for excellence in teaching. He has received more than $800,000 of Australian Research Council grants and half a million dollars of industry research funding working with multi-nationals such as AstraZeneca, Microsoft.

Course presenter (s)


Mr Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie has over 25 years’ experience in delivering solutions toward maximising personal and organisational success and effectiveness. He is a consultant, executive coach and much sought after trainer who has extensive experience in strengths based leadership, change management, positive psychology, employee engagement, resilience and organisational transformation. Andrew also works with organisations in taking a more proactive approach to a range of often difficult and complex workplace issues including negative team dynamics, organisational health, performance management and conflict resolution. His work in leader and organizational development has seen him partner with Monash University and now the Australian National University in the development and delivery of leading edge programs in Authentic Leadership, cultural change and people management solutions, which have received both national and international interest and praise. His involvement in ongoing research and development in the field of leadership effectiveness and best practice brings the most contemporary thought leadership and applied evidenced based approach to his work in helping organisations build great managers and great leaders.

With his strong grounding in positive psychology, appreciative inquiry and active learning, Andrew is able to bring a unique approach to identifying ways that both leaders and organisation’s can transform how they manage their people toward achieving increased resilience, engagement, wellbeing and performance.

Course date: 
9.30am–4.30pm 19 May 2016
Venue: #132 Crawford Building, Lennox Crossing, ANU
Cost: A$1,100 GST incl; Group discounts applicable

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