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ANU Tax and Transfer Policy Institute presents

What shall we do with company tax?



24th July 2017
25th July 2017


Barton Theatre, Level 1, JG Crawford Building 132, Lennox Crossing, ANU


Professor Michael Devereux, Oxford University
Professor Yariv Brauner, University of Florida
Professor John Freebairn, The University of Melbourne
plus many more.



The Tax and Transfer Policy Institute is holding an interdisciplinary academic and policy conference on the future of company tax.
In a time of political and economic flux, from Trump to Brexit, tax competition to base erosion and profit shifting, the company tax is hotly debated. How important is the company tax, at home and abroad? Is it broke and does it need fixing? What reform options are available, ideal or pragmatic? What difference will company tax reform make to revenues, jobs and growth? How can we design the company tax for small businesses and multinational giants; digital industries and the resources sector; startups and listed firms? What difference, if any, for low income and high income countries? And is international cooperation, or tax competitiveness, the way forward?

Join us to debate one of the biggest tax policy challenges of the day, with keynote speakers including Professor Michael Devereux, Director of the Centre for Business Taxation at Oxford University and one of the architects of the Destination Cash Flow Corporate Tax that has been prominent in United States debates.

Some of the speakers include:

  • John Taylor, UNSW
  • Brett Freudenberg, Griffith University
  • Graeme Cooper, Sydney University
  • Gareth Myles, University of Adelaide
  • Yariv Brauner, University of Florida
  • Dhammika Dharmapala, University of Chicago
  • John Freebairn, Melbourne University
  • John McLaren, Charles Darwin University
  • Na Li, East China Political Science and Law, Shanghai
  • Ranjana Gupta, Auckland University of Technology

Questions should be sent to Professor Miranda Stewart, or coordinator Diane Paul, .

A draft program will be available soon.

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