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Institute for Regional Security presents

Space: Implications and opportunities for national security policy



19th October 2018


ANU Kioloa Coastal Campus



Space systems provide essential capability to the ADF, law enforcement, intelligence and civil defence agencies, as well as every sector of the Australian economy. The Future Strategic Leaders’ Congress will examine the strategic national security dimensions of space policy, systems and capability across Government, including the opportunities and challenges associated with increasing global access to, use of and reliance on space. In particular, it will consider Australia’s role in managing the growing strategic competition and fragility of cooperative efforts in space as it becomes ever more congested and contested.

The establishment of the Australian Space Agency creates an important opportunity for policymakers and all Australians to consider what role Australia can and should play in this increasingly significant domain. What sovereign capability is required? What space policy settings will best advance our interests? Is a ‘rules based order’ in space possible? How do we work with the international community to establish norms and build trust? How can Australia maximise its resilience to disruptive events in space, including denial of key communications systems? These are just some of the key questions this Congress will consider.

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