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ANU Crawford School of Public Policy

Strategic thinking and planning for managers

One-day short course


4th November 2015


ANU Crawford School of Public Policy


Gary Saliba



In this course at The Australian National University’s Crawford School of Public Policy you will learn how to use strategic thinking during the development of outcomes, goals and objectives.

Course overview


Effective strategic thinking and planning requires you to take a big picture approach and look beyond the traditional internal boundaries. Incorporating strategic thinking allows you to quickly and successfully adapt to changing circumstances.

Strategic thinking and planning often takes place in separate silos in public sector and corporate organisations, which restricts the opportunity to see issues that will impact your projects and plans. During this course, you will take a step back from the day-to-day management and use a systems thinking approach to support strategy and planning. Working in small groups, you will be presented with models on strategic thinking and use them to explore how strategic thinking and planning is conducted in your organisation and how it can be enhanced.

You will then be shown how to develop and use systems maps of your external operating landscape to develop narratives that deepen your strategic thinking and enhance your capacity to develop a strategic approach for your business unit. This process will include modelling for potential issues that could test the robustness of your plans. By the end of the course, you will have integrated these approaches into strategic planning processes with the flexibility and adaptability to deal with future challenges.

Course convenor


Dr Gary Saliba

Dr Gary Saliba specialises in the integration and implementation of processes such as systems thinking (considering issues as a whole rather than just the parts), futures studies (understanding what the future could look like), strategy development, computer simulation modelling and change management.

He consults extensively across a range of government and commercial enterprises worldwide in developing organisational strategies based on plausible futures and aimed at improved responsiveness, flexibility and informed decision-making.

Course date: 9.30am–4.30pm 4 November 2015
Venue: #132 Crawford Building, Lennox Crossing, ANU
Cost: A$1,100 GST incl; Group discounts applicable

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