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Global impact Solutions and SAGE International present

Uncontrolled migration – World summit

Public conference


8th March 2016
- 9th March 2016


Adelaide Convention Centre, Riverbank Rooms 6 & 7, North Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000


Ambassador William Lacy Swing of the United States
His Excellency Mahboub Maalim, Executive Secretary, Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)
Demetrios G Papademetriou, Distinguished Senior Fellow and President Emeritus of the Migration Policy Institute (MPI)
Ms Roberta Ronzitti, Representing His Excellency Pier Francesco Zazo, Italian Ambassador to Australia
plus many more


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The European refugee crisis is becoming one of the dominating humanitarian issues of our time.

On Saturday April 18, 2015, an estimated 700 asylum seekers on board a 20-metre fishing boat drowned when the vessel was about 126 kilometres off the Libyan coast and 177 kilometres south of the Italian island of Lampedusa.

This tragedy shocked the international community, but it also focused the minds of EU policymakers, whose task it is to combat people smuggling networks in Africa and contain the problem of uncontrolled people movements into Europe.

The scale of the problem is vast. Tens of thousands of largely undocumented arrivals from conflict-torn societies out of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region enter European states. The problem this causes is the perception that new arrivals are given preferential access to taxpayer funded national welfare programs primarily designed for and funded by native European citizens. Budgetary austerity combined with tightening domestic job markets, higher domestic unemployment rates and the rising cost of living for the elderly and the poor throughout the developed world, drives this negative perception.

Uncontrolled people movement is an international phenomenon and a primary security issue for many Western countries in the 21st Century. The fact that unchecked people smuggling networks, through their criminal activities, imperil the lives of those they are profiting from should be exposed.

Australia under the Abbott government, has to date been one of few countries that have successfully stemmed the tide of uncontrolled and undocumented migrants attempting to land upon its shores.

What needs to be urgently examined is whether any nation or international agency has an answer to this security/humanitarian quandary.

Is there an ‘optimal approach’ somewhere in the world that has netted a proper balance between a Western state’s desire for humanitarianism and an equal desire to have secure maritime borders?

Where does international law fit into this equation?

Is there a middle path between an ‘open door’ policy and a highly securitized maritime border policy?

In what ways are the actions of people smugglers changing the social composition of Western states and can their actions ever be stopped?

Help us to ‘Make an Impact’

Global Impact Solutions and SAGE International are organising this World Summit to help Nation State leaders in their quest for leadership solutions to the migration issues across the world.

We ask you to take responsibility to make an impact, to be involved in this most complex and difficult issue that has many facets of human interdependency, state security and humanity.

Leadership in migration policy is being tested and needs your and our combined support. Let us all make an impact – let us all take this global challenge and deliver some real results – we need you. We need you now!

For registration fee, agenda, speakers and more information please visit the conference website

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