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ANU Crawford School of Public Policy

Understanding migration, refugee and asylum policy

One-day short course


11th June 2015


ANU Crawford School of Public Policy


Peter Hughes



This course at The Australian National University’s Crawford School of Public Policy will analyse Australia’s current policy settings in relation to immigration, refugee resettlement and asylum, examine how these policies have developed over time, and look at the policy drivers underpinning them.

Course overview


This course looks first at the size and composition of Australia’s permanent immigration program, including skilled, family and humanitarian components. It will explore the relationship between the permanent entry program and temporary entry programs, such as the temporary skilled migration program, the international student program and the working holidaymaker program.

It will explore the values underpinning the immigration program, how the total program numbers are set and the dramatic changes in source countries over time.

A short segment of the course will be devoted to less frequently discussed Australian citizenship policy and the role it has played in integrating millions of migrants into Australian society.

The second part of the course will be concerned with the international environment in relation to refugees and displaced persons and Australia’s policies for international refugee resettlement. It will cover how the size and composition of Australia’s international resettlement program is set and the changing source countries over time. Finally, the course will deal with Australia’s asylum policy settings, including the highly controversial and contested policies on maritime asylum seekers. The course will explore the sources and drivers for irregular maritime arrivals, the international context, the various Australian policy responses and their effectiveness. It will also consider future policy options.

All sessions of the course will briefly survey the various policy tools that the Australian Government and public service has utilised in arriving at particular policies.

Course convenor


Peter Hughes

Peter Hughes is a Visiting Fellow at Crawford School of Public Policy. He has over 30 years of experience in the development and implementation of Australian and international migration and refugee policies, including associated policies related to compliance, integration, citizenship and multicultural affairs. He has represented Australia extensively in international migration and humanitarian forums. Until early 2011 he was Deputy Secretary of the Policy and Program Management Group of the then Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Prior to his activities in the migration field, he worked in a number of other Australian Government agencies. In 2011-12 he chaired the Australian Government’s Access and Equity Enquiry Panel. Peter was the inaugural chair of the Australian Government’s Tuition Protection Service Advisory Board in 2012-13. He is a member of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Irregular Migration Research Advisory Group.

Course date: 9.30am–4.30pm 11 June 2015
Venue: #132 Crawford Building, Lennox Crossing, ANU
Cost: A$1,100 GST incl; Group discounts applicable

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