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19 September 2017

The new issue of Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies is out now with great articles that are free to read and download.

From foreign aid to the Pacific to a case study of a North Korean pop band, the new issue of the Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies journal has something for everyone.

The latest issue – the third this year – features articles from authors including Matthew Dornan and Jonathan Pryke, Miranda Stewart and David InglesJohn Gibson, Hunter Marston and Nicholas Borroz, Tai Wei Lim, Qihui Chen, Ryan Hartley, and many more.

This issue covers a wide range of policy issues including Thailand-Japan economic relations, how Trump can avoid a war with China, the role of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and even state-endorsed popular culture with a piece on the North Korean band Moranbong.

All articles in Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies are free to read and download. The journal is published three times a year by Wiley. The journal is part of a suite of activities that includes Policy Forum and the Asia and the Pacific Policy Society.

Since launching in 2014, the journal has gone from strength to strength, publishing more than 160 articles that have been downloaded more than 180,000 times.

Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies has become the leading journal looking at public policy in the Asia-Pacific region,” said journal Editor and Policy Forum publisher Professor Tom Kompas.

“The numbers of downloads are staggering, and show the strength of the pieces and appetite for high-quality research on regional policy issues. It also highlights the importance of making sure that academic knowledge and expertise isn’t locked behind expensive journal paywalls.

“The journal has recently been evaluated, and accepted, for inclusion in Scopus by the Content Selection & Advisory Board. The review commented: ‘This is an excellent journal that occupies an important niche, so (it) thoroughly deserves listing in Scopus.’”

You can read all the articles from the journal at:

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