Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Material submitted for publication

The views expressed on APPS Policy Forum are the views of the authors. They do not represent the views of Policy Forum or any of its partner organisations. Policy Forum accepts no responsibility for its accuracy or content, or liability in respect of materials submitted.

We welcome contributions, but all contributions are covered by the following terms and conditions:

  1. You are responsible for the content of your piece, including ensuring its accuracy and that it is all your own work.
  2. You will take all reasonable steps to ensure the material isn’t defamatory.
  3. Publication of submissions is entirely at the discretion of the APPS Policy Forum team.
  4. In submitting a contribution, you grant us a perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide licence to publish and communicate the material in any format. You also agree to permit us to allow republishing of your work by other parties, for example via a Creative Commons licence.

Membership of the Society

Membership of the Society is covered in the Society’s constitution (Article 3):

3.1 Membership requires a commitment to work on the objectives of the Society.

3.2 All members of the Society shall be subject to the obligations and duties applicable to membership of the Society.

3.3 The rights and privileges of a member of the Society shall not be transferable to any other person.

3.4 The categories of membership of the Society shall consist of: 1. Fellows; 2. Members; 3. Such other grades of membership as are determined from time to time by the President of the Society.

3.5 The decision as to who will qualify to be a Fellow or Member will be made by the President of the Society.

3.6 To qualify for nomination to the Society as a Fellow, a person must have made:

  1. An exemplary and distinguished contribution to the advancement of policy research in Australia, Asia and the Pacific; and
  2. A contribution to the advancement of the Society; or Current and past presidents of the Society are automatically Fellows of the Society. Fellows of the Society may use the designation and honorific APPSF (Asia and the Pacific Policy Society Fellow).

3.7 To qualify for admission to the Society as a Member, a person must belong to at least one of these categories:

  1. An employee of a government organisation in Australia, Asia or the Pacific;
  2. An employee of international organisation or non-governmental organisation;
  3. A scholar and/or researcher in a university, think-tank or a research agency;
  4. A member of the Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies editorial team;
  5. A past contributor to Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies journal ;
  6. An alumnus or alumna or visiting fellow of the Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University.
  7. A PhD or Master’s student.
  8. Engaged in the public policy process at any level.
  9. Members of the public interested in public policy debate, discussion and ideas.

3.8 Any eligible person shall become a part of the Society on signing their name to the official membership list of the Society and confirmation by the President of the Society. Fellows and Members may have their membership revoked if the President of the Society considers that they membership brings the Society into disrepute.

3.9 There shall be no joining fee charged for any category of membership of the Society, but an annual membership fee may be payable if decided by the President of the Society.

3.10 Membership benefits include:

  1. Priority access to Advance, the magazine of Crawford School of Public Policy, and also the Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies’ policy briefs series, Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies’ policy papers series and Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies’ working papers series;
  2. Priority invitation and special rates to Society-run events; and
  3. Access to the Society’s network of policymakers and researchers.
  4. A regular email with Society news and offers.

Complaints and corrections

If you have a complaint about material on the APPS Policy Forum you should, in the first instance, contact the Editor at editor@policyforum.net

In most cases, materials brought to the Editor’s attention in this way can be quickly dealt with.