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18 October 2017

Get your policy insights out to a global audience by publishing in the Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies journal.

Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies is taking submissions now. With more than 180,000 article downloads since 2014, your policy expertise can make a real impact by being featured in the journal.

Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies (APPS) is a peer-reviewed journal published by Wiley. APPS is indexed by Scopus with the Scopus review of the journal noting: “This is an excellent journal that occupies an important niche.”

The journal is also listed in Thomson Reuter’s Emerging Sources Citation Index, making it discoverable via Web of Science. Articles in the journal are therefore included in all authors’ H-index calculations.

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Articles published in APPS reach a global audience with an incredible number of downloads for a young journal. Articles are regularly shared and cited beyond the scholarly audience, and are promoted through Policy Forum.

Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies takes two different types of articles and authors are invited to submit in either section:

Original articles: These pieces should have a policy focus, a 7000 word limit (including abstract and references), an abstract of up to 150 words, and no more than 30 references and eight figures or tables.

Forum articles: These pieces tend to be for more topical and quick-response issues. They should be no more than 4000 words including abstract and references, and contain no more than 30 references and eight figures or tables.

You can find more information on articles on the journal’s guidelines for authors page. And articles can be uploaded online directly into Scholar One here.

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