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19 April 2022

In this episode of the National Security Podcast, James Mortensen and Anastasia Kapetas join Will Stoltz to explore the increasing threat of natural disasters in Australia and the role of the Australian Defence Force in responding to them.

In recent years, Australia has faced a series of devastating natural disasters – on the back of intense bushfires and cyclones, thousands of Australians are currently grappling with the impact of historic flooding. With these events happening more frequently, what threat does climate change pose to Australia’s national security? And is the Australian Defence Force properly prepared to deliver the disaster support it keeps being asked to provide? On this National Security Podcast, Lecturer at ANU National Security College Dr James Mortensen and National Security Editor at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute Anastasia Kapetas join Dr Will Stoltz to explore these issues. Listen here: https://bit.ly/3JUUmsM

Dr James Mortensen is a Lecturer at ANU National Security College where he currently teaches several postgraduate courses covering national security ethics as well as the intersection between the environment, the cyber domain, and emerging technologies with national security policymaking.

Anastasia Kapetas is National Security Editor of The Strategist at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Her research has explored the geopolitics of climate and security in the Indo-Pacific as well as policy options for assessing and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

Dr William Stoltz is the Senior Adviser for Public Policy at ANU National Security College responsible for mobilising the College’s research and resident expertise to influence and inform current public policy debates.

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