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27 February 2019

On this episode of the National Security Podcastco-host Katherine Mansted is joined by Lesley Seebeck to talk about data, cyber, democracy, and the social contract. 

Is the growing collection and aggregation of data likely to empower the individual and strengthen democracy? Or is it more likely to benefit manipulative corporations and encourage authoritarian governance? How should society frame the problem of privacy and information control, and where does regulation give way to personal responsibility? Listen here:

Lesley Seebeck is CEO of the Cyber Institute, ANU. Lesley has extensive experience in strategy, policy, management, budget, information technology and research roles in the Australian Public Service, industry and academia.

Katherine Mansted joined the National Security College as a Senior Researcher in 2018. Katherine’s professional background includes work in both law and government. She has been a commercial solicitor with King & Wood Mallesons, a ministerial adviser to the federal government, and served as an Associate in the High Court of Australia to now Chief Justice Kiefel.

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