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18 June 2020

The Pacific COVID-19 response map collects information and sheds light on the Pacific’s response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, try it out below.

Whilst much of the world has focused on the ongoing battle against COVID-19 in the US, Europe and Asia, we at Policy Forum have also been paying close attention to the specific, and often underreported, challenges facing the Pacific in these uncertain times. The Pacific has long faced security issues related to climate change, inequality and food insecurity, which have been made worse in the wake of COVID-19. The variety in each nation’s response has been as diverse as the region itself.

The Pacific COVID-19 response map, which has been developed by ANU CartoGIS, the Australia Pacific Security College (PSC), and the ANU Department of Pacific Affairs provides an accessible way for researchers and the general public to get up-to-date data on the ongoing response to COVID-19 in the Pacific region. The Map provides a snapshot of local response measures, and includes links to ANU research which unpacks what these measures mean on the ground. These links are on the final screen in each country’s pop-up box, so make sure you scroll through to the end.

The data in the map is a snapshot of that which is collected by the Australia Pacific Security College (PSC) for the weekly COVID-19 Pacific Island Response Matrix. For the full dataset, and weekly ‘Trendlines’ blog series, please follow the below link: https://www.policyforum.net/covid-19-the-pacific-response-2-december/

The commentaries in the map are sourced from research published by the ANU Department of Pacific Affairs, Policy Forum, PSC and the Development Policy Centre (Devpol). We hope you find the map useful as we continue to help you understand an important region.

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