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13 July 2018

How do we create more diversity in the workplace? On this episode of Policy Forum Pod, we discuss the ins and outs of equality and inclusion by taking a look at policy implementation in the public sector.

It seems like diversity and inclusion are words being thrown around more and more often. Both the private and public sectors want to claim that they are doing everything they can to ensure that there is diversity in the workplace. But are we doing enough? Will there be a time when we no longer need policy advisors for diversity and inclusion? On this week’s pod, Maya Bhandari talks to three remarkable women who provide some unique insights into how policies for diversity and inclusivity are being implemented in the public sector. Listen to the podcast here:

Samantha Freebairn is a Pilot and Squadron Leader in the Royal Australian Air Force and Gender Advisor for Defence.

Leah Finnigan is a Diversity and Inclusion Policy Advisor with the Australian Public Service Commission.

Dr Tushara Wickramariyaratne is a clinical psychologist and Fellow at the Churchill Trust.

Show notes:

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One Response

  1. George Huwell says:

    Diversity is just a gravity train for consultants and people already in privileged positions who find it inconvenient to compete on merit so play the victim card instead.

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