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4 November 2022

To kick off a new bundle of episodes on housing, we discuss the impact of climate change on planning and housing policy with Barbara Norman, Emeritus Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Canberra.

As the global population heads towards at least nine billion and pressure on the natural environment increases, how must policymakers adapt their plans for housing and the built environment? Do Australian governments need to introduce stricter regulations around where development can take place as the climate continues to change? And what lessons can Australian cities and towns learn from climate-sensitive planning decisions made abroad? On this episode, Emeritus Professor Barbara Norman from the University of Canberra joins Professor Sharon Bessell and Dr Arnagretta Hunter to launch our new mini-series on housing policy. Listen here: https://bit.ly/3fyM8h3

Barbara Norman is Emeritus Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Canberra and author of the new book, Urban Planning for Climate Change.

Sharon Bessell is Professor of Public Policy and Director of both the Children’s Policy Centre and the Poverty and Inequality Research Centre at ANU Crawford School of Public Policy.

Arnagretta Hunter is the Human Futures Fellow at ANU College of Health and Medicine, a cardiologist, physician, and Senior Clinical Lecturer at ANU Medical School.

Show notes | The following were mentioned during this episode:

‘Measuring what matters’, Australian Treasury (2022)

Urban Planning for Climate Change by Barbara Norman (2022)

‘Biden-⁠Harris Administration Launches New Climate Portal to Help Communities Navigate Climate Change Impacts’, The White House (2022)

Sustainable Pathways for our Cities and Regions by Barbara Norman (2018)

Correction: Anthony Albanese was Minister for Infrastructure and Transport during the period referred to in the discussion, never Minister for Climate Change.

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One Response

  1. John Elliffe says:

    Hi Sharon and Arnagretta,

    I was hoping would you have a series based on housing. It seems to me that housing issues have not been taken seriously, by all levels of government, for far too long.

    We have created an environment where people who already own property have “earnt” more from land re-evaluation than they have from wages. As a result young people are almost unable to purchase their own properties. You touched on this in the podcast with Barbara Norman. I’m sure federal tax settings (negative gearing/CGT) have an influence on prices but planning policies have a much bigger influence.

    It is important that more housing is built and built in the right way in the right places. These are state and council issues. In Canberra we have large houses on large blocks near commercial centres where people work and new suburbs have small blocks and apartment buildings. We have managed to get this the wrong way around.

    Obviously it will not be easy to reverse this as we cannot just evict people from inner suburbs but we should have a plan for moving in this direction. Auckland is apparently showing the way by allowing 2 houses per block but personally I would go further. I also feel that heritage listing is often just a tool to resist change. As Barbara was saying, creating a vibrant, liveable, sustainable city takes time so the sooner we start the sooner we will get there.

    I am looking forward to more pods in this series.


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