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28 June 2019

This week on Policy Forum Pod, we take a look at why confidence in institutions is so low and what the Australian Public Service review can do to rebuild trust in the bureaucracy with the review’s Chair, David Thodey.

In March, the Australian Public Service review set out four priorities for change to future-proof the public service. But will those changes be enough to tackle the significant challenges ahead and rebuild declining trust in institutions? We hear from the review’s Chair David Thodey in conversation with Helen Sullivan and get the thoughts of review panel member and fellow policy podcaster Glyn Davis. Listen here:

David Thodey is Chair of the Australian Public Service Review, Chair of the Commonwealth Science, Industry & Research Organisation, the national research organisation for Australia, and the Chair of JobsNSW, the NSW independent organisation responsible for the creation of 150K new jobs through to 2020. He was formerly the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Telstra.

Glyn Davis is a Distinguished Professor at the Crawford School of Public Policy. He was previously Vice-Chancellor at the University of Melbourne from 2005 to 2018, and is renowned as one of Australia’s finest higher education leaders, whose academic work has shaped the thinking of public servants at all levels of government. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Paul Ramsay Foundation, Australia’s largest philanthropic trust. He was the presenter on the Policy Shop podcast.

Helen Sullivan is the Director of Crawford School of Public Policy. Her research and teaching explore the changing nature of state-society relationships; including the theory and practice of governance and collaboration, innovative forms of democratic participation, new thinking about public policy and the practice of public service reform.

Martyn Pearce is a presenter for Policy Forum Pod and the Editor of Policy Forum.

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This podcast was produced with the support of the ANU Australian Crawford Leadership Forum, held on 24/25 June. The Forum brought together 150 international and domestic speakers to discuss the theme of ‘Rebuilding trust’.

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