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16 May 2019

In this special Policy Forum Pod extra, a panel from The Australian National University looks at what crucial challenges ahead for the incoming government in its first 100 days.

In a 24-hour news cycle, the first 100 days of government have a remarkable influence on the perceived success or failure of the incoming Ministry. With regards to policy, there is no shortage of suggestions of tweaks, wholesale changes, and shelving of initiatives. In this special Policy Forum Pod extra, a panel from The Australian National University looks at what crucial changes the incoming government needs to make in its first 100 days. Listen here:


Russell Gruen is the Dean of the ANU College of Health and Medicine. A surgeon, he is an expert in the care of critically injured people, and the development of high performing regional trauma systems.

John Hewson is Chair of the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute. He is an economic and financial expert with careers in academia, business, government, media and the financial system.

Anna Moore is Director of the ANU Institute for Space, and Director of the Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre at Mount Stromlo Observatories in Canberra. Professor Moore was a member of the Australian government’s Space Expert Reference Group that led to the formation of the Australian Space Agency in July 2018.

Helen Sullivan is the Director of Crawford School of Public Policy. Helen is a public policy scholar whose work has shaped understanding of the changing nature of state-society relationships and its implications for public governance, policy and practice.

Michael Wesley is Professor of International Affairs and Dean of the College of Asia and the Pacific at the Australian National University. He has previously worked at the University of New South Wales and Griffith University; was Assistant Director-General for Transnational Issues at the Office of National Assessments; and Executive Director of the Lowy Institute for International Policy.

Moderator :

Catherine McGrath is a giant of the Australian media and a well-known Canberra identity, keynote speaker, MC, writer and businesswoman. Catherine spent 30 years reporting for the ABC and SBS in both Australia and overseas. She was political editor for both public broadcasters and was the ABC’s South East Asia Correspondent based in Singapore.

To read the transcript of this episode, please click here.

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This podcast is part of Policy Forum’s Australian Election coverage, and published in partnership with The Australian National University.

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