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22 April 2019

In this special Policy Forum Pod Extra, a panel of experts take a look at the start of the Australian election campaign. This podcast is a live event recorded as part of Policy Forum’s Australia Votes coverage produced with The Australian National University.

As we enter the 2019 election race, what is going on behind the scenes in Australian politics? With six different prime ministers in the past 11 years, have we lost trust in our political leaders? What does the future hold for Australian democracy? In this live panel event, recorded on 17 April, experts discuss the state of Australian politics. This panel event is the first in The ANU Federal Election series. Listen here:


Dr Katrine Beauregard is a lecturer in the School of Politics and International Relations. Her work focuses on political behaviour, and why people vote the way they do.

Professor Frank Bongiorno AM is the Head of the School of History at ANU and is an Australian labour, political and cultural historian. His books include The Eighties: The Decade That Transformed Australia; The People’s Party: Victorian Labor and the Radical Tradition 1875-1914; and The Sex Lives of Australians: A History. He was co-editor of Elections Matter: Ten Federal Elections that Shaped Australia.

Dr Andrew Hughes is a lecturer in marketing in the Research School of Management, where he teaches at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Associate Professor Fiona Jenkins is a philosopher at the Centre for Moral, Social and Political Theory.  Fiona’s current research focus is the ‘constitutional imaginary’ – ways in which national identity is evoked as a basis for order, and the question of how that can become more mobile and progressive. She also actively researches gender equality, particularly in universities, but with a wider reach to problems of gendered violence and of women in leadership.

Mark Kenny joined ANU after a high-profile career in journalism, culminating in 6 years as chief political correspondent and national affairs editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and The Canberra Times. Mark is the Editor of Policy Forum’s In Focus: Australia Votes section, and the presenter of the podcast Democracy Sausage with Mark Kenny.

About the Moderator: 

Catherine McGrath is a giant of the Australian media and a well-known Canberra identity, keynote speaker, MC, writer and businesswoman. Catherine spent 30 years reporting for the ABC and SBS in both Australia and overseas. She was political editor for both public broadcasters and was the ABC’s South East Asia Correspondent based in Singapore.

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