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7 August 2018

It’s been said that the media is the nervous system of a healthy democracy. In this Policy Forum Pod Extra, we look at the symptoms facing media organisations in a time of political upheaval and technological change.

It’s a challenging time to be a journalist. Recent years have seen a global decline in press freedom, largely attributed to political hostility towards the Fourth Estate. In Australia, the rise of global digital platforms like Facebook and Google has been used as justification for the repeal of anti-media concentration laws, allowing legacy media companies like Fairfax and Nine to pursue mergers in order to survive. What does this era of change mean for media integrity? How confident can we be that the media will remain the healthy nervous system of our democracies? In this Policy Forum Pod Extra, Edwina Landale chats to Caroline Fisher about media diversity, press freedom, technological change and national security. Listen here:

Dr Caroline Fisher is an Assistant Professor in journalism at the University of Canberra. She is a member of the News & Media Research Centre and co-author of the annual Digital News Report-Australia.

Edwina Landale is a student of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at the ANU. She works with the Policy Forum editorial team to produce and publish content.

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