Creating a future without poverty

Sabina Alkire
Philip Alston
Sharon Bessell
Mark Kenny

Development | Australia


On this Democracy Sausage Extra during Anti-Poverty Week, Mark Kenny discusses creating a future without poverty with three of the world’s leading voices on poverty measurement, research, and eradication - former United Nations Special Rapporteur Philip Alston, Oxford University’s Sabina Alkire, and Crawford School’s Sharon Bessell. 

59 minute listen

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Democracy Sausage: How to miss an open goal

Helen Sullivan
Robert Breunig
Marija Taflaga
Mark Kenny

Economics and finance | Australia


The COVID-19 pandemic has given the government the chance to reshape the economy. But by slipping on the hi-vis of infrastructure spending and ‘real jobs’, has the government missed a golden opportunity? Mark Kenny talks tax, ‘credible’ women, and class-based values and priorities with Helen Sullivan, Robert Breunig, and Marija Taflaga.

49 minute listen

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