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Statistics on ethnic diversity in the land of Papua, Indonesia

By Aris Ananta, Dwi Retno Wilujeng Wahyu and Nur Budi Handayani

27th June, 2016 - Development, Social policy | Asia, Southeast Asia

This paper aims to quantitatively uncover ethnic diversity in multi-ethnic Land of Papua, an Indonesian region with a large inflow of migration and rising ethno-based movement, consisting of the Provinces of Papua and West Papua. It produces statistics on ethnic diversity in the Land of Papua, utilizing the tabulation provided by Statistics-Indonesia based on the raw, 100 per cent, data set of the 2010 population census. It uses three measurements of ethnic diversity. First is ethnic fractionalisation index, showing the degree of ethnic heterogeneity. Second is ethnic polarization index, examining the existence of few relatively large ethnic groups of almost the same sizes. Third is a comparison of percentages between migrant and Papuan groups.

(Photo by CIFOR on flickr)


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