Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies

Transformative mobilities in the Pacific: Promoting adaptation and development in a changing climate

By Carol Farbotko, Celia McMichael, Olivia Dun, Hedda Ransan-Cooper, Karen E McNamara and Fanny Thornton

Climate change is affecting Pacific life in significant and complex ways. Human mobility is shaped by climate change and is increasingly positioned by international agencies, policymakers, and governments as having an important role in both climate change adaptation and human development. We consider the potential for human mobility to promote adaptation and development among Pacific people in a changing climate. We argue that where Pacific people choose mobility, this should be supported and create opportunities that are responsive to the histories and existing patterns of mobility and place attachment among Pacific Islanders; commence from a position of climate and development justice; and advance human rights and socio‐political equity. Transformative mobilities are where mobility, adaptation, and development intersect to achieve the best possible outcomes for cultural identity, human rights, adaptation, and human development goals across scales and in origin and destination sites.

Image: Geof Wilson on flickr


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