On the new episode of Policy Forum Pod, experts Stephen Howes and Sally Moyle join Sharon Bessell to take a closer look at foreign aid in the recent federal budget and whether Australia is doing its part to assist communities in need beyond its borders. 

In Australia, there has been a downward trend in the foreign aid budget since 2014-15 and aid spending per capita has dropped since 1995. So what is the impact of this on the reach and effectiveness of Australia’s aid program? What do these trends reveal about Australian values? And how can the country’s political leaders make the case for international development assistance and communicate its benefits, both in the region and for Australia’s national interests? On this episode of Policy Forum Pod, Professor Stephen Howes and Honorary Associate Professor Sally Moyle join Professor Sharon Bessell to discuss these questions and more.

Stephen Howes is Professor of Economics at ANU Crawford School of Public Policy and the Director of the Development Policy Centre.

Sally Moyle is an Honorary Associate Professor at ANU Gender Institute. Sally has had extensive experience in international development policy and practice, and almost 20 years’ experience addressing gender issues both domestically and in international development.

Sharon Bessell is Professor of Public Policy and Director of Gender Equity and Diversity at Crawford School of Public Policy at ANU.

The Australian Aid Tracker, produced by the Development Policy Centre at ANU Crawford School of Public Policy, is available on the Devpolicy website.

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