Can a solution to climate change be Australia’s next big export?

The ANU Grand Challenges competition offers up to $10 million to research that tackles the world’s most important and intractable problems. This year’s winners are working on what might just be the grandest challenge of all – how to decarbonise the world’s energy supply to prevent a climate catastrophe.

On this week’s podcast, hosts Maya Bhandari and Bob Cotton hear from three members of the winning research team about their plan to help Australia deliver zero-carbon energy to the Asia-Pacific region.

Topics discussed include how underwater sea cables could link Australia and Southeast Asia, why East Asian demand for hydrogen energy could reduce the power of the coal lobby, and what a multi-billion dollar renewable export industry would mean for the Australian economy.

Emma Aisbett is a Senior Research Fellow at the ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods and an Adjunct Lecturer at Crawford School of Public Policy. Emma is the Transdisciplinary Research Leader for the ANU Interim Grand Challenge Project – Zero Carbon Energy for the Asia Pacific.

Paul Burke is an economist focusing on energy, the environment, transport and developing countries, particularly in the Asia-Pacific. His research includes policies for zero-carbon energy in the Asia-Pacific and Australia’s energy transition.

Matt Stocks is a Fellow at the Research School of Engineering. He has more than 20 years of research and development experience in renewable energy and photovoltaics.

Show notes | The following were referred to in this episode:

The ANU Grand Challenges Scheme

Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific – The Energy Change Institute’s winning project for the 2018 ANU Grand Challenges Scheme

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The Crawford Master of Public Policy in Environment Policy offered by Crawford School and convened by Llewellyn Hughes

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