For a brief moment during Australia’s recent election campaign, everyone’s attention was turned towards electric vehicles – and rightfully so. Electric vehicle sales are booming around the world, and the motor industry is rapidly rolling out electric car models and setting significant sales targets. But with Labor’s electric vehicle policy now barely visible in the rear-view mirror, will policymakers ever take the wheel, or is Australia’s electric vehicle policy in need of roadside assist? On this Policy Forum Podcast, our panel – Michael De Percy, Liz Hanna, and James Prest – drive a discussion about the kind of government intervention and infrastructure Australia needs, ways to incentivise and familiarise consumers when it comes to new technologies, and the crossroads between electric vehicles and health.

Michael De Percy is a Senior Lecturer in Political Science in the School of Government and Policy, Fellow of the National Security Institute, and Academic Fellow of IGPA at the University of Canberra.

Liz Hanna is a Fellow in the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment and Chair of the Environmental Health Working Group, World Federation of Public Health Associations.

James Prest is a Senior Lecturer at the ANU College of Law, specialising in environmental law with interests in administrative law and litigation. He is a Member of the Executive of the ANU Energy Change Institute.

Our presenters – Sara Bice and Martyn Pearce – also discuss Trump’s Twitter spat with London Mayor Sadiq Khan during his visit to the UK, as well as the TV series Chernobyl and the issues it brings up about nuclear power. Several bad dog puns later – in efforts to inform listeners on ways to get their paws on a mug – they also go over some comments and suggestions our audience have recently left us.

Sara Bice is a Senior Research Fellow at Crawford School of Public Policy, and leads the Next Generation Engagement Program based at the school.

Martyn Pearce is a presenter for Policy Forum Pod and the Editor of Policy Forum.

Show notes | The following were mentioned in this episode:

Slow adoption of EVs in Australia

Queensland Electric Super Highway

Queensland EV charging stations

Toyota in the EV market

Volkswagen diesel scandal

ClimateWorks recommendations for EVs in Australia

Climate and Health Alliance in Australia

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