On this special ‘human futures’ episode, Dr Arnagretta Hunter takes the reins and is joined by Dr Robyn Alders and Dr Tayanah O’Donnell to discuss a rethink in how we value food, and why mitigation and adaptation to climate change are key to building a better future.

Food is at the heart of how we live and where we live. But around the world, agricultural systems are being challenged, food producers are often not reaping the fruits of their labour, and obesity is on the rise in highly developed nations. Joined by Future Earth’s Dr Tayanah O’Donnell and Professor Robyn Alders AO, guest presenter Dr Arnagretta Hunter looks why food is at the heart of our future, why policymakers must provide the frameworks to simultaneously mitigate and adapt to climate change, and asks whether constant growth is really the only way for humans prosper.

Dr Tayanah O’Donnell is a lawyer, human geographer, and Executive Director of Future Earth Australia.

Dr Robyn Alders AO is an Honorary Professor with the Development Policy Centre at the ANU Crawford School, a Senior Scientific Advisor with the Chatham House Centre on Global Health Security, and Chair of the Kyeema Foundation.

Dr Arnagretta Hunter is a cardiologist, physician, and a Senior Clinical Lecturer at ANU Medical School.

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