In episode three of our ‘Making the invisible, visible’ bonus series, Aarti Betigeri chats with Dr Helen Suich about what research through the Individual Measure of Multidimensional Poverty project has revealed about patterns of poverty in South Africa.

Poverty in South Africa has historical roots, with the prospects of the majority of the population curtailed by Apartheid through much of the 20th century. So what impact has the country’s segregationist past had on contemporary patterns of poverty? And how does deprivation differ across the many dimensions of poverty? In the third episode in our ‘Making the invisible, visible’ bonus series, South Africa lead on the Individual Measure of Multidimensional Poverty project Dr Helen Suich discusses patterns of poverty in the Rainbow Nation with host Aarti Betigeri. 

Dr Helen Suich led the Individual Deprivation Measure South Africa country study, working as a Senior Research Fellow at the Crawford School of Public Policy at the time.

Aarti Betigeri is a multi-platform journalist and former foreign correspondent. She is a correspondent for Monocle and contributes to various other local and international media outlets.

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