Why are Japan and Britain conducting Freedom of Navigation Operations in the South China Sea? What would an enduring peace in those contested waters look like? How is Trump affecting the US-China alliance?

From navigating vessels through crowded sea-lanes to understanding the naval dimensions of the rules-based order, this week’s National Security Pod is all about maritime security.

First, host Chris Farnham chats to Commodore Michele Miller from the Royal Australian Navy about the legal and operational issues surrounding maritime security in the South China Sea. Then, we hear from Euan Graham from the Lowy Institute about the recent Kakadu exercise in Australia’s Northern Territory and how the changing balance of power between China and the US is upsetting the regional order. Listen here: https://simplecast.com/s/74096e9b

Michele Miller has served in the Royal Australian Navy for over 30 years as a maritime warfare officer, and amongst an array of roles, has been a maritime exercise planner and commanded two ships. In 2018 she has been on secondment with the National Security College.

Euan Graham is a Senior Fellow at the Lowy Institute. He has been a close observer of East Asian security affairs for more than twenty years, in academia, the private sector, and for the British Government.

Chris Farnham is the presenter of the National Security Podcast. He joined the National Security College in June 2015 as Policy and Events Officer. His career focus has been on geopolitics with experience working in and out of China for a number of years as well as operating in Australia and Southeast Asia.

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