What were the worst policies of the recent past? What were the policy highlights of 2018? What policies would help improve the world in 2019?

We put these questions to more than 20 researchers at The Australian National University spanning an enormous range of policy issues, from foreign aid to fire prevention, drought policy to discrimination, social media to international security. Listen here: https://aca.st/b2a4b6

This special end-of-the-year podcast comes in two parts. First, host Martyn Pearce leads a discussion with previous presenters of Policy Forum Pod – Quentin Grafton, Jill Sheppard, Sharon Bessell and Julia Ahrens – on everything that went right and wrong in policy in 2018. Next, host Nicky Lovegrove takes the reins, bringing Sue Regan and Maya Bhandari into the mix, as they take a look at the policies the world needs moving into a new year.

Martyn Pearce is Editor of Policy Forum.

Sophie Riedel is Policy Forum’s roving reporter for this special end of year episode.

Quentin Grafton is Professor of Economics and ANU Public Policy Fellow at Crawford School, and Editor-in-Chief of Policy Forum.

Jill Sheppard is a political scientist at the ANU School of Politics and International Relations

Sharon Bessell is the Director of the Children’s Policy Centre at Crawford School, and Editor of Policy Forum’s Poverty: In Focus section

Julia Ahrens is a presenter on Policy Forum Pod.

Nicky Lovegrove is Associate Editor of Policy Forum.

Sue Regan is a PhD scholar at Crawford School and Program Director at the Institute of Public Administration Australia.

Maya Bhandari is a presenter on Policy Forum Pod.

A special thanks to the following ANU academics who appeared on this episode:

Hugh White, Sachini Muller, Paul Dibb, Shameem Black, John Gould, Sue Ingram, Clarke Jones, Hedda Ransan-Cooper, Laurie Bamblett, John Blaxland, Margaret Thornton, Timothy Graham, Alistair Wedderburn, Ben Phillips, Daniel May, Dominique Dalla-Pozza, Susan Scott, Mark Howden, Paul Burke, Vivien Holmes, and Nicholas Brown.

Policy Forum Pod is available on iTunesSpotifyStitcher, and wherever you get your podcasts. We’d love to hear your feedback for this podcast series! Send in your questions, comments, or suggestions for future episodes to podcast@policyforum.net. You can also Tweet us @APPSPolicyForum or find us on Facebook.

This episode of Policy Forum Pod was written and produced by Martyn Pearce, Sophie Riedel and Nicky Lovegrove. It was edited by Julia Ahrens.

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