In the second episode of this two-part series on right-wing extremism and domestic terror, the panel tackle what challenges policymakers face when dealing with the threat of political violence.


In this National Security Podcast, Nicholas Rasmussen, former director of national counter-terrorism in the United States, and Jacinta Carroll, Australian policy professional in countering violent extremism, join Chris Farnham to talk about how current policy is hampering a whole-of-government response to domestic terrorism.

The panel discuss how extremism policy differs from country to country, the role of politicians, and the tech sector’s responsibility to recognise the difference between freedom of expression and the encouragement of violence.

Jacinta Carroll is the Director of National Security Policy at the ANU National Security College. She was previously the inaugural head of ASPI’s Counter-Terrorism Policy Centre.

Nicholas Rasmussen is a national security expert with over 27 years in US government service. He is Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Visiting Fellow at The Australian National University, former Director of the US National Counterterrorism Center, and current Senior Director of the McCain Institute’s Counterterrorism Program.

Chris Farnham is the presenter of the National Security Podcast. He joined the National Security College in June 2015 as Policy and Events Officer. His career focus has been on geopolitics with experience working in and out of China for a number of years as well as operating in Australia and Southeast Asia.

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