What was your favourite Policy Forum Pod episode of the year? On this final podcast of 2019, we put on our festive jumpers and gather around the Christmas tree in our podcast cupboard to look at our presenters’, and some of our listeners’ favourite episodes.

Looking for a great podcast to keep you entertained on the drive home for Christmas dinner? Our joyful Policy Forum Pod team have got you covered. On this special end-of-year episode, from people power beyond the ballot box to an in-depth chat on poverty and climate change with Philip Alston, we present our favourite episodes for your listening pleasure, with a special appearance from some of our listeners. If you need some inspiration for your New Year’s resolutions, you might just find that too, as our presenters share their own ideas for the coming year.

Paul Wyrwoll is an environmental and resources economist at Crawford School. Previously, Paul was General Manager of the FE2W Network and Managing Editor of the Global Water Forum.

Sue Regan is a PhD Scholar and tutor at Crawford School of Public Policy. Previously, Sue was Chief Executive of the Resolution Foundation, a UK-based research institute focusing on the well-being of low earners.

Liam Hughes is a listener of Policy Forum Pod. He is a student at the University of Queensland.

Mark Zanker is a listener of Policy Forum Pod. He is a retired lawyer who worked in Australian Government Attorney General’s Department from 1983 to 2009, principally in bankruptcy and then international law.

Sharon Bessell is a Professor at Crawford School of Public Policy, where she is co-leader of the ANU Individual Deprivation Measure (IDM) team. The IDM is a new, gender-sensitive and multidimensional measure of poverty.

Quentin Grafton is Professor of Economics at Crawford School, an ANU Public Policy Fellow, and Director of the Centre for Water Economics, Environment and Policy.

Julia Ahrens is a presenter on Policy Forum Pod.

Martyn Pearce is a presenter for Policy Forum Pod and the Editor of Policy Forum.

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