On the second instalment in our Policy Forum Pod mini-series on work, principal founder of the field of feminist economics Marilyn Waring joins us to talk about what society values and why. 

Gross domestic product (GDP) is often held up as the key metric of national economic performance, despite decades of criticism over the extractive, gendered model it represents. So how can policymakers better understand the value of what GDP excludes, such as the natural environment and unpaid work? How can Australia and New Zealand have a more inclusive conversation about economics? And will time become the baseline for a new economic paradigm? On this episode of Policy Forum Pod, public policy scholar, environmentalist, and former New Zealand parliamentarian Dame Marilyn Waring joins Professor Sharon Bessell and Dr Arnagretta Hunter.

Marilyn Waring is a New Zealand feminist, former politician, author, academic, and activist for female human rights and environmental issues.

Sharon Bessell is Professor of Public Policy and Director of Gender Equity and Diversity at ANU Crawford School of Public Policy.

Arnagretta Hunter is a cardiologist, physician, and a Senior Clinical Lecturer for ANU Medical School.

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