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14 February 2018

The new issue of Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies is out now with great articles that are free to read and download.

From tackling smoking and malaria across the region to the overvaluation of PNG’s currency (the kina) and tips for India to avoid the entanglements of the South China Sea, the new issue of the Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies journal has something for everyone.

The first issue of the year features articles from Mark Beeson, Gianna Gayle Herrera Amul and Tikki (Pangestu) Pang, Muhamad Arif and Yandry Kurniawan, Sarah A. Son and many more.

This edition contains a slew of articles focusing on the ground-level effects of various social policies in China. Jing Wang and Bingqin Li investigate the reasons for unequal access to public transportation, sanitation, health care and aged care in the country’s rural communities. Yihong Liu and Rami Hin-yeung Chan look at how the government addresses the demands of the public during a crisis at the policy agenda level. Meanwhile, Mark Beeson assesses the often paradoxical and contradictory nature of the authoritarian Chinese government’s current environmental policies.

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In the first of two short articles, Ralph Huenemann explains why Trump’s approach to trade with China is “junk economics” with dangerous implications for the management of America’s economy. In the second, a group of scholars under the banner of the Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance call for the elimination of the disease in the region through social health insurance.

Journal Editor and Policy Forum publisher Professor Tom Kompas said that Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies has again brought together an extraordinarily diverse group of scholars conducting a wide range of important research projects throughout the region.

“As demonstrated by our inclusion in Scopus last year, the journal is not only a free and open source of high-level policy expertise but is backed up by quality standards of rigorous academic research,” Professor Kompas said.

“We are proud to be able to share the knowledge and evidence-based advice coming from a community of researchers dedicated to achieving positive change in the region.”

All articles in Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies are free to read and download. The journal is published three times a year by Wiley. The journal is part of a suite of activities that includes Policy Forum and the Asia and the Pacific Policy Society.

You can read all the articles from the journal at:

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