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Our ten most popular policy podcasts of 2018

Paul Ronalds
David Brewster
Denise Fisher
Rory Medcalf
Glyn Davis
Helen Sullivan
John Blaxland
Jacinta Carroll
Andrew Davies
Anna Moore
Brad Tucker
Brendan Taylor
Vivien Holmes
Ngo Van Long
Christian Barry
Duncan McDonnell
Jill Sheppard
Paul Kenny
Paul Schmitz
Sue Ingram
Michael Leach
Sara Niner

Development | Australia


This year Policy Forum produced more than 60 podcasts covering a huge range of issues, from LGBT rights in India, to Indigenous water rights in Northern Australia, and from the rise of populism around the world, to the mechanics of the Australian Public Service. In this post, we present you the top 10 of our policy podcasts from this year that you were listening to (and if you didn’t listen to them, well, what else do you have planned over the festive break?)

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