Economics and finance


Democracy Sausage: The crisis in aged care

Helen Sullivan
Meegan Fitzharris
Sharon Bessell
Mark Kenny

Economics and finance | Australia


Has a failure to properly value care led to poor decisions driven by profit, and in doing so entrenched inequality for women? On this Democracy Sausage we take a look at the crisis unfolding in Australia’s aged care sector, the gendered dimensions playing out in the pandemic, and why we need to rethink how we value human beings in society.

61 minute listen

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Podcast: More than just a flesh wound

Ariadne Vromen
Bob Gregory
Matthew C Gray
Martyn Pearce

Economics and finance | Australia


Some 13.9 per cent of Australians aged 20-24 are unemployed, and that’s likely to get worse the longer the coronavirus crisis continues. How will the crisis and the recession to come impact their future careers and prospects? On this week’s Policy Forum Pod we take a look at economic scarring – what it is, how it impacts people, and what policymakers can do about it.

59 minute listen

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