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Democracy Sausage: John Kerry and the changing global climate

Siobhan McDonnell
John Blaxland
Mark Kenny

Environment & energy | Australia


John Kerry being appointed as President-elect Joe Biden’s special climate envoy has the potential to encourage much stronger action by the world’s nations to tackle climate change. But it comes at a time when the great powers of the US, China, and Russia are at loggerheads on a wide variety of issues. So how will the global climate change, and what does this mean for Australia?

61 minute listen

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The best bits

Kieran Gilbert
David Speers
Brian Schmidt
Liz Allen
Stan Grant
Jim Chalmers
Richard Denniss
Ros Taylor
Bevan Shields
Fintan O’Toole
Jonathan Swan
Jane Golley
Marija Taflaga
Mark Kenny
Martyn Pearce

Economics and finance | Australia


From Brexit Britain to Trump’s obsession with the stock market, and from era-defining infections to ideology vs interests, this week on Democracy Sausage Extra we look back over some of our favourite bits of the podcast from the last 18 months.

60 minute listen

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Democracy Sausage: COVID-19 and climate change lessons

Mark Howden
Arnagretta Hunter
Marija Taflaga
Mark Kenny

Environment & energy | Australia


The bushfire royal commission report released last week put climate change at the front and centre of its analysis, if not its recommendations. But as Australia has achieved such success in using scientific advice to respond to COVID-19, can it also start following the advice of scientists on tackling climate change? Mark Kenny is joined by Arnagretta Hunter, Mark Howden, and Marija Taflaga to talk bushfires, state vs federal responses, and the roadmap for addressing climate risk.

53 minute listen

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