International relations


Democracy Sausage: Trade-offs and troubles in the Australia-China relationship

Yun Jiang
Jane Golley
Marija Taflaga
Mark Kenny

Economics and finance | Australia


Australia’s relationship with China continues to deteriorate, whether that’s through inflammatory tweets or trade troubles. And while there may be bipartisan support for Morrison’s response to the latest Twitter provocation, what is the government’s end game in its relationship with China?

55 minute listen

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Democracy Sausage: John Kerry and the changing global climate

Siobhan McDonnell
John Blaxland
Mark Kenny

Environment & energy | Australia


John Kerry being appointed as President-elect Joe Biden’s special climate envoy has the potential to encourage much stronger action by the world’s nations to tackle climate change. But it comes at a time when the great powers of the US, China, and Russia are at loggerheads on a wide variety of issues. So how will the global climate change, and what does this mean for Australia?

61 minute listen

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