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National Security Podcast: Indo-Pacific Futures – Critical technology

Jennifer Jackett
Claudia Vickers
Amy Parker
Sue Keay
Atsushi Sunami
Michael O’Hanlon
Elsa Kania
Chris Farnham

International relations | Australia


In this episode of the National Security Podcast, the second instalment of our special three-part series looking at key trends influencing the future strategic landscape of the Indo-Pacific, we consider the technologies that have become critical to national security and how they’re going to shape the region over the coming decades.

36 minute listen

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National Security Podcast: Avoiding a space race to the bottom

Cassandra Steer
James Brown
Katherine Mansted
Dayle Stanley

Trade and industry | Australia


In this episode of the National Security Podcast, Mission Specialist at the ANU Institute for Space Dr Cassandra Steer, CEO of the Space Industry Association of Australia James Brown, and Visiting Fellow at ANU National Security College Katherine Mansted join Dayle Stanley to interrogate the opportunities and risks presented to Australia as a ‘middle space power’.

62 minute listen

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